Jean Fourquet


A French citizen. Jean is a Materials Engineer and holds an MBA degree from the London Business School. Founder of Quare, Jean has directed various industrial companies from the Bathroom and Decoration sector, both in Spain and Italy. Jean has lived in France, Germany, United Kingdom and speaks fluent French, English and Spanish

Debora Trudu

Sales Manager

(+34) 627 231 500

An Italian national, Debora holds an MBA from the ENAE Business School. She has been working for over 10 years in important companies targeting the interntational retail, in decoration, before taking over commercial responability in Quare. Debora speaks fluent French, English, Italian and Spanish.

Carmen Jareño

Head of Administration and Commercial Service

(+34) 915 626 629

Head of Administration and Commercial Service

After more than 20 years working in different commercial backoffices, Carmen joined Quare from its launching, as Head of Administrtion and Commercial Back office. Carmen speaks English and Spanish

Julio Castillo

Factory Manager

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Julio has over 20 years of experience as Head of the R&D, Quality, Production and as a Factory Manager, always in industrial environments. He joined Quare from its launching, and he defines and leads the manufacture chain and the factory organization. Julio speaks Spanish, English and French

Marta de la Varga

Product Manager

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering, and specific education in industrial Design, and after completing her studies with a grant from an important automotive company, Marta joined the Design depratmet as a Product Manager.

Dolores Barrio

After-Sales Service

(+34) 605 252 430

After completing her studies in the university , Dolores starts working in tourism, to continue short afterwards in an industry environment, where she develops professionaly in Purchasing. Nowadays she is in charge of our Customer Service Department. Dolores speaks French, Enlgish and Spanish

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